#OTR50 Day 170: The Road More Travelled

Another day with a decent chunk of time in nature. We hiked up the ski mountain and back down again — mostly on well-worn trails. I then sat for a few hours on the balcony porch hoping for inspiration. I did write a bit…. but I’m not even remotely close to pleased with the results of that craft.

Therefore I offer up a photojournal of our hike. First, not the lovely gorgeous moments, but the left, right, left, left decision-making of the journey.

All the trails clearly lead up. . . but which ones to take was the dilemma over and over again on this journey. The kid made this process easy on almost all of the trails by veering us continuously toward the road more well travelled. They might be a writer, but on this hike we didn’t abide by Frost on all but one of the twists and forks.


Then there was that moment, when the goal was in sight. The top of the ski lift and the top of the mountain! That victory feeling followed quickly by the youth of a teenager heading back down the mountain far faster than my aging hips and ankles. I’ll bet that this evergreen and maple lined journey is spectacular when snow covered and ski ready.

I did catch up eventually to that speck of a human in the distance. . . . only because the kid waited for me at the next intersection.

Everytime I paused to take a breath, I snapped a pic of something inspirational. I am not the photography that one of my kids is. However, watching them take amazing photos for years, has improved my framing.


After all that outdoor activity, we came back to the room and I made the earlier mentioned attempt to write while the kid napped. This evening, I enjoyed dinner on the covered balcony while the loud rain fell and just relaxed.

Another excellent day.

Photo prompts are by me and for me.

195 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner

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