#OTR50 Day 135: Ireland D&D Inspirations

Catching up on reviewing my photos from vacation to keep me in the holiday state of mind. Max and I were exploring in Galway together when we found this gem. This road sign begs for a Dungeons & Dragons gaming group. Alternately, it should be an entrance to an alternate universe. If I wasn’t exhausted […]

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#OTR50 Day 122: Won’t You Sit With Me?

Puppy eyes pleading

Puppy Face Luna, my love, you must never play poker Your puppy eyes speak wonders Your mood read with a glance Honest and true Your heart on your paw Letting me know how you feel . . . That more time with you is always the better option In your not subtle at all opinion. […]

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#OTR50 Day 120: Stop and Play the Games

Yesterday, I spent the day at a gaming convention with my kid who plays all the geeky games of my youth and many, many more than I ever played. This is a convention I’ve been going to on and off for some 20+ years. It’s still run by the same core team of gamers. I […]

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