#OTR50 Day 169: Nature Walks & Naps

Today was day three of the Max & Me holiday getaway.

We spent the majority of the day out and about in the Vermont woods or back at the room resting between excursions.

Six years ago, we visited this same area and during that trip we did two outdoor activities that have been repeated across the years in different locals.

Today was also our return to the Arbortek Tree Top Obstacle Course.

This is the only photo I have to share. I didn’t have any pockets deep enough to take a phone with me on the course. This was taken by Max when the kid was between course two and three and I had only just finished course one. The climbing speedmeister snapped this.

The photo does not make it clear that I’m about 20 feet up in the tree. It was load of fun. As I finished my go around on the second aka the moderately difficult course, Max finished the third aka the difficult course.

A family member of others on the trek at the same time as us was on the ground and offered to video our dual drop down to the ground since the courses ended facing each other.

Even though I knew it was weighted for a slow drop. . . stepping off a platform twenty feet in the air is still a step of faith.


As noted before, since our first time doing this type of activity six years ago, we’ve tried to find one wherever we go every summer. We’ve succeeded several times.

Here are some other pictures posted yesterday to instagram from the last two days of woodsy wandering.

Now, to rest for more excursions tomorrow!

#smugglersnotch #treetops #arbortek #vermont #thelukastate

All photo prompts are by me for me.

196 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner


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