#OTR50 Day 167: I Can Cabot (aka the joy of lactose free cheese)

Made it to Vermont today. First stop even before heading to our Wyndham property? One of several Cabot Cheese locations. Unlike most cow cheeses processed in the US, Cabot Cheese is both delicious and 100% naturally lactose-free.

I normally avoid all cow cheese (as well as any kind of cow) because I just can’t digest it. However, Cabot Creamery removes all lactose from all their cheeses resulting in a range of delicious products I can enjoy.

From previous trips to Vermont, I’ve learned that each of these Cabot Annexes have a tasting table that allows visitors to figure out just which of the many styles are right for them. Since I can usually only get a handful of their many varieties locally, this was a treat!

It is also a downright smart promotional tool. After all, we left with $45 in cheese and related purchases in tow. Without the tasting center, we would likely have just gone with the trusted past and a much smaller purchase.

We even bought a reusable Cabot branded tote to carry it all out to the car.

The new Orne Meadows flavor was Max’s preference. Mine was the Farmhouse Reserve.

If you are both a cheese and a wine lover, here’s a useful Wine and Cheese Pairings Infographic Poster Guide that was up in the store: Cabot and Wine

After unpacking at the Smugglers Notch Resort, I enjoyed cheese, crackers, and locally sourced cider while watching the DVD of Star Trek (2013) that I’d last minute thrown into my bag as a “just-in-case” the apartment has a DVD player. Go me!


All in all, a good start to our mini vacation.

Now to sleep. Tomorrow beckons.

PS – we started our driving day late and didn’t make it to our planned lunch stop at Popolo. Hopefully on the way home we will make it back there.

197 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner


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