#OTR50 Day 166: Roadtrip Planning

I’m headed on a mini-getaway tomorrow. Just me and my eldest child. . . the college kid.

Quality one on one time in Vermont. This was originally planned months and months ago. 10 to be exact. We have time share points and I’ve been trying to get us back into this property ever since we stayed there 6 years ago.

Six years ago the eldest was not yet in High School and the twins were 11.

That vacation was an absolute blast. This one will be substantially different, but I hope it will provide a much-needed break and some solid mom-kid bonding.

Facebook has done a good job this past week reminding me via photo memories of all the places we visited and things we enjoyed from vacations past.

We are headed to Vermont. I’m exciting for the prevailing cool temps that prevail there. The vistas of maple trees and hiking trails. However, it’s the food that draws the memories across the years.

That vacation road trip was the year we discovered the Roadside America app. Rather than drive the highway, we took the roads less traveled and stopped along the way at some interesting sites such as a house covered in license plates, a small waterfall with petroglyphs, a dragon sculpture in the middle of the lake, etc.

I spent internet time researching today because I remembered this little lunch spot we found along the way. I remember that the food was surprisingly over the top for a tiny little lunch spot.

It’s been 6 years and I still recall how much fun we all had on that road trip and all the great food. Hopefully, I’ll enjoy some of that food again this week!

Another post about time and food.


199 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner

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