#OTR50 Day 127: Dublin, Ireland

Delayed posting due to wonky internet with US devices in Ireland and all sorts of off-line writing into non-wordpress formats and then fiddling with posting to private tools.

Last night was AMAZING.

The concert in Dublin I posted about yesterday by The Luka State was excellent — but the after connection was something wonderfully unexpected. As planned, I think this trip will truly impact the kid for the positive.

Once I have more WiFi and down time, I will post some photos and videos from amidst the many that were taken to preserve the amazing memories.

Here’s one I did get around to posting elsewhere 🙂

It was totally worth the late night for the creation of an experience that Rhys can take wherever they go on their journey. The band took this with us post-concert — celebrating and raising a toast to the fans that traveled the farthest!

#TheLukeState in their signature mustard hanging with 2/3 of the Broggi-Sumner Family 💛
#TheLukeState in their signature mustard hanging with 2/3 of the Broggi-Sumner Family 💛

I’m working on a few different items off line. All unfinished as there is not a lot of time for writing while on holiday! It’s a *doing* vacation, not a relaxing trip.

Driving to Slane, Ireland in 30 minutes to see the band again! Heading there early to snag a spot where hopefully no one will block our view of stage. We *thought* we had that last night — but we forgot to account for stage rush dancers in the form of big Irish men in the 1 meter between our seat and the stage during the latter part of the show.

🤞 Fingers crossed for another great show tonight. #thelukastate #rocknroll

238 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner

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