#OTR50 Day 128: Poetry Performance

Delayed posting due to wonky internet with US devices in Ireland and all sorts of off-line writing into non-wordpress formats and then fiddling with posting to private tools.

Some of my poetry flows out in silence. Most has a rhythm and a cadence that I hear in my head and I know in my heart is meant to be performed. Here, I ink the words to paper in silence.

Some 40 years ago, in grade school, I supposedly learned to read music. Now, like much of very early learnings not practiced, it has been lost to the years. I *should* dedicate some time to relearning, but I’m relearning my writing at the moment.

Nevertheless, there is a cadence and a sound in my head when I write poetry. I share the black and white – only the words – in this dry format. It is not that I hear music in my head, but I hear sound. Volume, speed, tempo, dynamics, tone, etc. It’s not the same as music, but it is not dry and silent.

The night before last I did a mini performance. A spoken word version of, My Socks Don’t Match to an audience of only eight whom I mostly met for the first time that evening. Since I received a positive response including an actual releasing of the breadth from one listener, I’m hoping to have the courage to try for an open mic night soon.

I’m extremely grateful to our new friends Sam & Conrad for inviting Rhys (with me as tagalong) to a small gathering that also welcomed me with this opportunity to build my confidence and belief in my words.

237 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner

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