#OTR50 Day 125: Modern Travel

(Delayed posting – written at about 2am my body clock’s time and almost 7 am Dublin time.)

We are flying over land now. I keep chuckling internally at the travel map because the airplane icon looks so very silly over the country of Ireland.

Landing in 10 minutes, The Luka State concert in about 16 hours. Hoping for a fun day in Dublin and for a nap!

Random Thoughts on the Miracle of Flight

In this modern world, we sometimes forget to be amazed

In mere hours we travel across the Atlantic Ocean

Humans have been to the moon

Robots have been to Mars

In my lifetime probes have gone past Pluto

300 years ago, the expanse was a treacherous journey that took weeks

500 years ago, the journey was unthinkable blasphemy

Innovations disrupt not only our way of life but our way of thinking about life

Human designed flight is miraculous

Crossing an ocean in less than 6 hours phenomenal

Make time to stop and be amazed

240 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner

One thought on “#OTR50 Day 125: Modern Travel

  1. While we marvel at the 21 century tech,that is truly incredible, think of the Christ Cathedral that is almost 1000 years old, though those windows may be younger.
    It is amazing what we built then with crude materials.

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