#OTR50 Day 124: Habits

I am writing this from somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean early on in the flight. I’ve no idea when I will be able to post it.

As I’ve written before, I am a frequent air traveler . . . for work. This is the first time in many years where I’m on a flight for a family vacation.

I made the decision to leave my laptop at home in an extra effort to try and NOT overthink about work. As I packed my carry-on this morning I also elected to not bring my backpack since it would normally house my laptop among other things.

I seriously should have thought this through. By changing such a large element as the organized bag I always use for everything, I’ve been completely discombobulated during this flight.

I can’t find the things I usually have. They are in the personal bag. . . somewhere. Or may be they are home or in my checked bag. In the small space of the airplane seat I just can’t tell because the pockets I’ve become accustomed to don’t exist.

This reminds me of the Steve Jobs documented habit of the buying many of the same clothes and using same bag all the time that many entrepreneurs emulate as a tool to not expend thought and energy.

We are all such creatures of habit.

On the upside, as much as I’m using this disorientation as a topic for an entire post. I’m also not nearly as bothered by all of it as it may seem.

I’m in vacation mode. I shrugged it off and shoved everything back into my bag in complete disarray.

Lesson learned.

It is what it is. It will be what it will be.

Next time, I’ll just take the backpack.

241 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner

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