#OTR50 Day 56: Bons.ai Ahoy!

Weekend meetings that make for several days straight in a row can get looooong. Come Sunday afternoon there is the need to get out of my seat at least once an hour to just move around in order to keep going. For all that my skill side is on the endurance end of the spectrum, meetings exhaustion is a real thing. Then, just as I hit that mid-afternoon time, a colleague sent me something that made my shoulders silently shake as I tried not to laugh out loud and disrupt a formal meeting. It was definitely exactly what I needed.

Here’s the paraphrase:

Best use of the “.ai” top level internet domain in a product name I have seen

Check out their video (as I did):

Me, after watching the video twice:
Meanwhile, I now have two images competing in my mind…

  1. a burning bush that follows a Moses figure everywhere
  2. an almost burning (smoking) bush that would follow around a Canadian citizen but would be illegal in most states in the US.

After a bit of a delay….

Me, again:
OK, I’ll admit it, now I have a third image:

  1. Prime Minister Trudeau in Moses Robes with a burning/smoking cannabis bush following him around.

My brain is weird.

309 Days to go.

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