#OTR50 Day 55: Traveling alone can be lonely

Business travel can be both a positive and a negative. It can bounce back and forth numerous times during a trip. This evening I had a lovely time hanging out in the late evening with colleague friends talking and chatting over drinks following a large group dinner at an excellent Greek restaurant.

It was excellent to not have to catch a Lyft or Uber home and to just travel upstairs to my room. However, then I realized I had to organize myself for the early am meeting the next day. Pack up everything I wouldn’t need in the morning as I’m not sure that I’ll get a chance to come back up to the room once the meeting starts and before check-out.

And being alone when one is used to the activity of a five-person two-dog household can be lonely. being alone can be lonely. It does not need to be, but it can ve.

The pros of business travel are obvious to most. The cons are all related to exhaustion and isolationism.

Nevertheless, I’m happy with what work does to support me.

I’d also love to win the lottery. Large enough that we can quit our day jobs and travel only for fun.

310 Days to go

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