#OTR50 Day 57: Cherry Blossom in Mourning

As I was driving today, I saw a cherry blossom tree that had lost almost all of its flowers. I wrote a poem in my head. Since I was driving I texted it to myself via the car connect system. Siri didn’t quite get it right. I still think I’m missing some thought or word phrase.

Next time, I’m pulling over and capturing a photo. lesson learned.

Cherry Blossom in Mourning

The grass circling the tree was pink and red
The green covered in a blanket of fallen flowers
As if the weekend rains had caused it to bleed
The branches wet and heavy leaned down
Reaching reaching reaching
Unable to touch their former glory
Weeping morning dew in sadness
Grieving for its former majestic color

308 Days to go.

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