#OTR50 Day 54: Endurance

Apparently, last night I wrote a second Day 53 Post. I truly was exhausted!

Another day and another dollar – it’s Day 54. A Friday. A work day. I had teleconferences in my hotel room all morning beginning with an early am EST call with volunteers and staff working on a Singapore activity and then the afternoon spent listening to reports from global leaders on finance issues. Sounds dry, I know.

I skipped the group dinner in the interest of self-care this evening. I took a short nap and am now finishing up email and meeting prep for tomorrow. I’ll sleep soon.

I’ve become more attuned to the need to temper my activity sometimes. It’s not that I have less energy, it is that I am now far more self-aware of what I need to do to not push myself so hard as to wind up sick.

The knowledge of when a sprint is needed vs a paced endurance run is something that it has taken me years to master. And by run, I mean manage life and work not the actual physical act of running.

I’m think I’m an endurance worker who can occasionally sprint when needed. I think I’ve always been an endurance worker. Perhaps that is why I ended up in strategy and strategic development.

There’s an idea there. . .

Since I’m working all weekend, I might bring this topic up in conversation tomorrow. Do others recognize these two archetypes of work and workers?

How rare does a Secretariat occur within the human business world? Someone who can both sprint and marathon any day of the week?

311 Days to go

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