#OTR50 Day 53: Hotel Keys

black and white photo of clocks
Photo by Andrey Grushnikov on Pexels.com

Back in the end of March I drove alone down to DC. This evening was a repeat. As happened then, I arrived at about 10:40. I usually take the train to and from Washington for a host of reasons I may get into another time. For various reasons, it was again made the most sense to drive.

However, as if the universe wished upon me business traveler Deja Vu, I once again had key issues with my room. I had to wait for an engineer with an emergency battery unlock the door keypad, take it apart, and replace a tiny battery in the system powers the electronics. It was fine. The hotel staff were courteous and gregarious. I think I was as well.

The entire time though, I kept thinking about a few things. Top of the list is the fact that I wanted to get into the room, post this blog, and then promptly go to sleep as I have a 7am telecon with staff and volunteers in Singapore.

So I did what I did last time this happened, I started writing on my phone while I chatted with the security guy and the engineering dude. Time ticked away and I had one of those moments where every half hour my brain could not stop itself from calculating the new amount of possible sleep I might be able to obtain.

The third thing that my brain started doing was a crazy association of what scenarios. What if the fact that this happened again was a sign? What if there is some bizzare espionage connection and all the key card door lock batteries are susceptible? What is this is actually some indication of a secret signal processing send across Washington DC. The pre-cursor to a world gone mad? A sign of the impending apocalypse?

OK, OK. I’ll admit I didn’t take it anywhere near that far. However, my mind does sometimes go nuts with fictional scenarios. 

What I did focus in on was Deja Vu. Is it really Deja Vu if we know if happened before, or is it truly just in reference to the *feeling* that something is repeating? If just a feeling, does it have some basis in a connection to the fourth dimension? Is it indicative that there IS a way to move in a direction other than forwards?

Can we slip into the timestream during a momentary lapse in time caused by connecting with the fourth dimension in a moment of Deja Vu.

I tried and failed. However, while I am in DC again. The two gents who saved me, opened up my room, and reset both my key and lock were not the same. The hotel was different. The room number was different. Alas, my attempt to change direction was without success. I’ll blame the circumstances while leaving the idea to return to another time.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep moving forward at the usual speed of one second per second.

312 Days to go.

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