#OTR50 Day 52: Misquotes & Quotes

“Time spent in sharpening the axe may well be spared from swinging it.”
~~ 1901, Josiah Strong

As a follow-up to last night’s blog mention of Michelangelo, I had an entire plan early this afternoon to write about famous quotes that are often misattributed. The ideation on this one was a moment of clarity during the session I spoke at earlier today with the Surge Co-Creation Virtual Event.

But’s it’s gone. Gone. Just Gone.

This is the thing with writing, inspiration comes at odd times when I’m in the middle of juggling numerous other things. Sometimes obligations. Sometimes fun things. Regardless, there are moments when I can’t jot a note to myself right away.

Ha! Because I didn’t take care of it right away. It is no write away. Gone. Brain Rubbish.

I truly do hope that the people working on Fuzzy Systems and Brain Machine Interface will invent something more effective in the “Note to Self” category of app development!

I did text myself a few items today – but they were all work related reminders.

What would you call a Brain Machine Interface App that acted as a Note to Self. BrainNotes? PowerReminders? String Around Your Finger? Be The Elephant!

Regardless, here’s the investigation website page about the quote often attributed to Abraham Lincoln regarding the time spent chopping down a tree that made me think about how words and stories change over time: https://quoteinvestigator.com/2014/03/29/sharp-axe/

And, because the spark of an idea I wanted to write about related to this is gone, gone, gone.  I know have Cups playing over and over again in my head instead.

Time for Headspace and sleep to clear the mind and try again tomorrow.

313 Days to go.

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