#OTR50 Day 51: I’m no Michelangelo

Yesterday I wrote about having written 50 days of posts about trying to get in tune all the aspects of me that contribute to a capacity to write. This was in my closing:

Another day, another idea. Perhaps the next big writing idea will be the one that grows into something worthy of saving, worthy of sharing, worthy of the convergence that is me.

I don’t have a new idea this evening. More of a follow-up. I was discussing the theory behind NaNoWriMo and just pounding out a large amount of writing with a plan to then chip away at it to find the underlying meaning.

It reminded me of the Michelangelo quote:

“The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”

I’m absolutely no Michelangelo. No comparison!

My point is that I love this idea. This vision of finding something that already exists rather than creating something from scratch. That the vision is already inside of me percolating up and out into words.

There is more superfluous material than not at this juncture. The more I write, the more gems I hope to emerge from within me. My words are me. I am chipping away at me to find the best parts of myself.

314 Days to go!

PS: Quick nod of thanks to Victoria Taylor. A conversation with her earlier today helped inspire me to continue this train of thought. Thank goodness for friends that push us to be a better version of ourselves and are also there to catch us when we fall.

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