#OTR50 Day 50: Woot!

50. That’s what started this entire project. The excitement and meaning of the halfway to 100 milestone. While it seems far more meaningful as an age, it also feels meaningful that I’ve made it every day to now.

I know that most of my posts have not been deeply meaningful or moving, but the act of putting words to paper has produced a few decent results.

More importantly, I’ve been writing, finding words, words, and more words!

I’ve been thinking about how my eldest kid started really writing thanks to NaNoWriMo. The idea of just writing and writing and writing to get the rhythm and the feel of it. 50,000 words in a single month. Worrying about the editing later rather than in the act of the flow of mind into words. Allowing the fingers to just keep moving as if independent from the rest of the body.

I’ve hit that rhythm a few times in this process over the 50 days. Yes, some days I struggle with a topic. Some days I just want to go to sleep. Most of the time though, I’m on it. I want to post because I want to be overcome with that feeling of ideation.

Another day, another idea. Perhaps the next big writing idea will be the one that grows into something worthy of saving, worthy of sharing, worthy of the convergence that is me.

For now, I’ve reached 50 posts on the road to 50!

315 Days to go!

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