#OTR50 Day 238-239: Burning the Candle at Both Ends

red and white fire metal container
Photo by malcolm garret on Pexels.com

OK, I missed another day…. but still better than a few weeks.

The past few weeks have been filled with early morning and late evening phone calls, webex meetings, and other various business communications because I am prepping for an event in Singapore.

I’m in the final stretch. I board the excruciatingly long flight in just over a day and then the long hours are on my feet and surrounded by people vs the burning the candle at both ends in my gym clothes with my dogs surrounding me.

I’m excited. It’s been a truly interesting project. A bit of a disruption to our regular work both in timing, style, and in the idea of how we accomplish our goals. In other words, it’s yet another internal entrepreneurial activity.

I don’t often talk about work here in detail… and let us face it, this is not exactly detailed.

However, here’s the thing… I’ll admit it. I’m burnt out yet again.

That little trip with Max to Vermont helped. Without that, I’d be beyond wrecked now.

But, I am on the precipice.

I am dreaming of November 25 when this workload and travel will at least return to the usual level of varied object juggle and not this hyper-intensive knives in the air juggle.

On the flip side of all the above. I’m truly grateful to have a job where I can create something new. Where I can push the envelope, be supported by my boss, be allowed to continually question the status quo.

And… be excused when I whine and fuss a bit when it’s simply too much.

Another day. Another dollar. 😉

127 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner

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