#OTR50 Day 161: Revision to Day 46

Since I began performing my poetry a few weeks back, I’ve found myself editing in real time while speaking. Sometimes it happens afterwards. Regardless, as I feel the cadence and watch the audience, I edit. 

While the family watched television this evening, I sat with my laptop catching up on expense reports. I just finished fixing 5 expense reports from all my crazy recent work travel when I recalled that I’d written a poem in the early days of this journey dedicated to  expense reports.

When I edit, it’s usually a tweak here and there. A change in tense, a removal of pronouns. I’ve been going back and editing the actual posted poems.

This time, when I read the original it felt unfinished. More than a tweak here and there, it wasn’t done. So I’m dedicating a new post to the rewrite.

An Ode to Expense Reports (Revised)

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Oh expense reports!
My Achilles Heel
My administrative nightmare
You shame me with my errors
International conversions that drive me to drink

Wondering. Wondering. Wondering.
How can I delegate without dumping?
How can I set a leadership example?

I divulge my paperwork weakness
Here for all the world to see

We all have strengths
We all have weaknesses

Every leader
Every middle manager
Every worker

We are stronger when we know
That is the example I set

I move forward
I move past this struggle
I charge ahead with my silent battle cry

Strategy needs execution 
Execution needs evidence

This trip I took to advance an agenda
To move forward mission-driven goals

Every move of the needle
Every stretch of the box
Every widening of the envelope
Leaves behind a trail of related operations

I complete this paperwork nightmare
I do not let the arrows of administration shoot me down

I hit submit submit submit
So that tomorrow it will be on someone else’s desk
So that tomorrow I can search for the next needle to move

204 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner

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