#OTR50 Day 140: Haiku Embarrassment

OK, I’ll admit it. I delayed posting yesterday’s Haiku because. . . I can’t help but feel Haiku’s are a cheat. Yes, yes, I’ve written several since starting this blog 140 days ago. And, I’m totally embarrassed by all of them.

To me, Haikus are a cheat.

Yes, they are also an art form that forces the writer to strip out the extraneous.

The issue for me is that the seemingly extraneous — the word detail and description, the angst and the emotional — that’s at the core of my style as a writer.

The self-reflection and descriptive is where I revel and the moment when the words spill onto the page as I am possessed by the writing itself.

Haikus are a cheat.

They allow me to be objective. Simplified. Without the painful reality of details and description.

I write Haikus when I am blocked not when I am brilliant.

Because, in the end, my energy and my sanity are the priority.

Haikus and dog posts are like putting on my oxygen mask before helping others.

They are the go to safety net that is keeping my writing afloat even when I am exhausted or busy or simply can not tune myself properly.

Photo prompts are by me and for me.

225 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner

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