#OTR50 Day 132: When the Kids Agree

A few days ago, a miraculous thing happened over breakfast. . . the two kids with us on this summer holidays trip agreed on an adventure for today.

It was not the vacation day I had planned for us at all. It required far more out of me that the relaxing day I had planned for us.

In fact, it would change our plans from a slow short journey local to our apartment rental into a possible four hour drive each way for a four hour excursion.

A bit of spontaneous craziness.

I was hesitant. I was tired. The desire for relaxation and slow pulling at my soul.

However, this trip was for them more than for me. Yes, Ireland has been on my bucket list for decades. If memory serves since Senior Year of High School. . . for those not quick with their maths that would have been 1987. ;-D

(Side note. The reason Ireland sparked an interest is a story for another day that involves a very cute 17 year old with red curls, green eyes, and a thick Irish accent whom I met on a train from St. Petersburg to Moscow.)

Regardless, we sat around the breakfast table and discussed the pros and cons of changing out plans from slow and relaxing to a long drive for a busy day trip.

Bottom line, I am a Mom before all other definitions of me. I revel in those rare moments when my children get along and are all excited by the same thing. It motivates me because I am motivated to bring out moments of joy for them.

It was totally worth driving 4 hours each way to achieve that emotional positivity for me, for them, for us.

It did not take long for me to muster up the Mom *yes* and push down that desire to relax.

It was absolutely the best decision. The day was filled with amazing sights. Yes, it was absolutely exhausting. Then again, the whole trip has been both wonderfully amazing and completely exhausting.

Par for the course on anything Mom-esque these days.

233 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner

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