#OTR50 Day 130: Vacation Tastes and Colors

Delayed posting due to wonky internet with US devices in Ireland and all sorts of off-line writing into non-wordpress formats.


I always wonder, is the food this amazing when I am on a vacation holiday, or is it simply the perspective that comes from being out of the day to day?

Is being on vacation a kind of real world tangible equivalent to an out-of-body experience? Plucking us out of the patterns of our normal existence and placing us into another world that looks similar and yet is not our own?

Are the colors, sites, and sounds as intriguing as they seem, or is it simply the perspective that comes from not seeing what one is used to seeing?

I suspect the answers lies somewhere at the crossroads between reality and perception. Distance and newness always colors how one sees the world. The usual becomes the usual and falls into the background. It is the nature of creating memories by being somewhere unusual that makes me more aware. Gives me the time to pause and notice the flowers. To stop and take a photo. Time to preserve a snapshot and elicit a memory for later.


It’s been two days and I’d already forgotten about the seahorses on the bridge over the River Liffey. This photo inspired the memory – brought the sights of the walk along the river bank into my consciousness. It barely captures the picturesque nature of Dublin. The city is now over 2 hours east of me and I’ve no idea if or when I’ll walk her streets again. However, she is now a fixture in my memories. Color, textures, sounds, and delicious food. Courteous and outgoing people with an accent I could listen to for hours.

Perhaps vacation senses are more alive and perhaps the perspective of appreciation is skewed by the nature of being outside the usual element.

Either way, I’ll take it anytime I can achieve it.

235 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner

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