#OTR50 Day 108: Luna & Abby

Everyone needs a BFF!

When Luna was still a tiny rescue puppy at about 12 weeks, we met our neighbors and their dog, Abby.

Abby was about one at the time and it was an instant puppy friendship.

Luna looked like a miniature Abby. Although she now has a slight brown overtone in places, as a puppy and to this day in photographs, Luna appears all gray tones.

Since Abby’s parents had never met their dog as a puppy, they were equally as enamored by the silly puppy as their dog was.

It’s been a BFF kind of fun to watch them get together ever since.

Today was a hot-sticky thickness-in-the-air kind of awful.

Yesterday was a mid 70s – sunny and lovely evening. A picture perfect time to walk Luna over to Abby for a visit.

They played, dog laughed, rolled around, chased each other, and then lazed in the thick lovely grass.

Me? I smiled and watched them — letting the stress of work, life, and the current imbalance in all the above wash off of me.

Next Day Additions!
In addition to posts here and on my other social media, both Luna and Abby are on Instagram. Puppy pics make me happy.

257 Days to go.

Note: the photos are mine (and Abby’s), this prompt is only for me.
© Randi Sumner

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