#OTR50 Day 107: Home


The poem I wrote this evening is similar in sentiment and theme to yesterday’s . . . yet the cadence and focus is different. This photo did not inspire the poem, but Cagney is asleep next to me at the moment. Since this one mentions dogs, I thought it a good moment to give Cagney some equal blog time. Luna has been hogging the blog limelight. Cagney is an adorable and sweet lady who does not photograph as well as her younger but far larger sister. Her fluffy fur is soft and snuggly, but it also hides her expressions well. If dog’s could play poker, doodle breeds would be the poker faced winners.


As social as I am
As outgoing as I can be
For all that I travel so far and so often
For all that I go places where I’ve never been

There is nothing like the feeling of coming home

Lazing on the sofa with a snuggly dog
Being in the same room with family
Eating meals together
Reading, gaming, and surfing on phones near each other

My heart soars and I am filled with a sense of belonging

Home fills me with calm
With peace and presence
With comfort and love

Home reconnects me with me

258 Days to go

Note: the photos are mine, this prompt is only for me.
© Randi Sumner

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