#OTR50 Day 93: Parisian Graffiti


On my Parisian visits thus far, I have not had the time or opportunity to browse the museums or see world renowned landmarks. I have not witnessed that which makes people fall in love with the city.

However, I do appreciate how you can turn a corner and BOOM there’s incredibly detailed large-scale street art.

This photo was a random city street on my way from dinner back to my hotel.

Street Art Inspiration

I try and imagine myself painting a public space

Would I have been planning planning planning
What would I illustrate or write
Where would I leave my artistic stamp
Would I share it with my friends and family
Would I plan and plan and never paint?

Would I be a silent and secret artist
Building up the courage courage courage
Waiting to be inspired by an unexpected canvas
Spontaneously stopping in my tracks to paint

Would I leave my creation anonymous
Or would I announce myself to the world

I picture myself as a street artist
The power and pull of the unexpected
The variety of overlapping layers
And I feel a spark of marvel grow inside me

272 Days to go.

Note: the photos are mine, this prompt is only for me.
© Randi Sumner

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