#OTR50 Day 91: Rolling in the Mud

I want to live my life with the kind of simple happiness and spontaneity that Luna has rolling in the cool mud on a hot sunny day.

Rolling in the Mud

Sunny summer days
Playing in the park

Running, chasing, racing
Wind in my ears
As I try to catch you

Tennis balls, rope toys, frisbees
Throw something
I will bring it back

Let’s romp around
Until the rush of life
Fills our hearts and
Empties our minds

We’ll bound about
Until the heat of the day
Takes our breath away

We’ll search for the shade
We’ll roll in the mud
We’ll rejoice in the now

Hanging out with you
Is my favorite thing to do

274 Days to go.

Note: the photos are mine, this prompt is only for me.

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