#OTR50 Day 90: Montréal Margarita


This photo was taken by me in Canada on a recent business trip. The hotel bar specialized in absinthe cocktails and had a bit of an olde world decor to it. Antique style rich woods, bolster cushions, and dark red velvet curtains held by large brass rods.

After a 14 hour work day and a strong desire to get a full night’s sleep, I decided to try what the waitress referred to as the “Montreal Margarita” off the specialty menu. The drink included all the traditional margarita ingredients plus maple syrup and absinthe. Seemed appropriate for being in Canada to order the cocktail with the maple syrup in it.

It was excellent and complemented my dessert of berries also with maple syrup.

The decor and lighting definitely called for a photo.

And now, I’m making it this evening’s photo writing prompt. . . we will see where it takes me. I really have no idea.


Montréal Margarita

Salt lining the rim reminding me of icy winters

Stormy seasons past

Missed flights and time spent missing you

Now I’m drinking alone wishing you were here

Wanting for this to be an olde world vacation

The sweet liquid gold in sparkling crystal

Allows me to imagine

I am somewhere else in time and space

You are with me and this is a dining car

We are traveling by railroad

Across the vista of Canadian winter

Our bodies garbed in the formalwear of the age

Soft silks and rich colors adorn my arms

I reach out and sip my drink

We toast to times past, present, and future

We toast to ourselves and those we love

We toast to now and forever

We enjoy this moment together in my mind

This spirit will hold the illusion for tonight

Tomorrow is another day

275 Days to go.

Note: the photos are mine, this prompt is only for me.

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