#OTR50 Day 82: Good Omens & Writing Wishes

There are a number of things that happened today that I probably should write about:

  • An interesting experience overhearing human conversations at the dog park
  • Service-Dog Training with both Luna’s trainer and a new apprentice trainer at a grocery store
  • An almost 2 hour emergency telecon with my boss and all her direct reports on what should have been a vacation day. And why I’m glad I gave the time to join the call, how I learned stuff I needed . . . without any actual work detail.
  • An unexpected evening walk along the Jersey Shore Boardwalk followed by Surf Taco for dinner (Yum!)

However, all of that I put aside for perhaps a deeper dive on another date. . .

Because instead, I’d like to take a break to discuss pure escapist television.

I’ve been following @neilhimself and @GoodOmensPrime on all my social media accounts since learning in March that the masterpiece of a silly, wonderful, dark satirical novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett was being made into a mini-series by Amazon Prime.

When I was at SXSW this year, the #GoodOmens publicity was everywhere. On the way from my hotel to most of the sessions, I passed a block wide installation every day. The busses in Austin all had Good Omens wraps on their sides. It was everywhere!

I had four chances while in the same city to meet Neil Gaiman or some of the stars involved and not a single instance panned out. <pout>

Tonight, I’ve had the chance to watch two of the six-episode mini-series. And, while I’m not sure if the average person will love it, I thought it was great quirky fun. I’m hoping for some longer Aziraphale and Crowley banter scenes. They could have stretched every single time the two are on screen together with a bit more dialogue. . . because they were so good together that I simply want more. Instead, they rely on the actors’ subtlety at expression, which is of course fantastic. (Edit on day 83: I totally got my wish with the episode three!)

Four more episodes to go. Even though I know how the story will unfold, I’m looking forward to indulging in each episode with laughter and mirth.
Most importantly, I have decided I have a new #writerslife dream:

I wish upon a star to be able to write
a science fiction novel worthy of
starring #DavidTennant.
This is my wish.

263 Days to go.


PS – look at me, learning how to find and add a gif to my post and thanks to GIPHY.com for making that easy!

2 thoughts on “#OTR50 Day 82: Good Omens & Writing Wishes

  1. Hey Randi, Bobbie here! I heartily approve of your dream. I too was psyched for GoodOmens, “Primed” by the marketing (awesome experiential marketing) at SXSW. Enjoying every minute of it and debating whether to speed through it or stretch it out for max enjoyment.

    Every time someone tries to tell me that SXSW has jumped the shark, I point out it is one of the few remaining global marketing event options. People come from all the world to attend. You have a congregation of influencers worshiping in one place.

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