#OTR50 Day 81: Half the Resistance

Half the Resistance

It’s been at least three months since we last parted ways with tread-marks on my sneakers

I use the slow morning of a vacation day to prep myself.

To convince myself, to try and be better than I was the day before, and the day before that, and again and again the day before so many times over. . .

Enough to know this will be hard

To know it will require willpower and patience

That I must not allow self-pity or personal recriminations to belittle my spirit

To allow myself this space and the courage to start again

I step onto your platform to start all over as if I hadn’t spent 3 years working to get fit only to sink into a year of. . . almost nothing.

I step onto your platform and set you to a quarter of the time and half the resistance

I begin again this race with the machine, with myself, with my aging body, and my occasionally downtrodden spirit

I begin again this climb toward a physically fit me

264 Days to go.

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