#OTR50 Day 66: In the Skies again

I am writing this in flight to France. I don’t know if the internet is strong enough to post it. I gave up on my email. It’s the equivalent of about 2am EST although I’m now somewhere over the Atlantic chasing the sun and approaching the western shores of Europe.

Everytime I fly across the Ocean, I am one of those people who flips open the brochure to see where the life vests reside in whatever model plane I happen to be stuck inside.  Tonight it is an Air Canada Boeing 777. The configuration isn’t horrible on this one. It’s not ideal. . . but no flight it. For all the flights I do every year, I don’t really worry about crashing. It’s more that I can just barely swim and the most I’ve ever treaded water in my life was probably about 3 minutes tops. It is because of this that here is this little fearful kid inside of me that double checks where the life vests are stored. This is an under the seat variety of plane.

That’s the only thing I really pay attention to anymore. The rest of the spiel is the same with various delivery methods. I’ve been clocking between 30K-55K miles annually in flight these past few years. Not enough to get upgraded, but enough to know what I want on my carry-on just in case my luggage never arrives.

Here’s my random cross continental in flight advice. Close the windows before you fall asleep. I think I snagged about an hour or two asleep before we chased close enough to sunrise for me to realize that the women next to me fell asleep before closing her window.  Since she is leaning against the wall, I can’t close it. The bright above the clouds sun shining into my window reduces the almost non-existent sleep capacity to not happening this evening.

Hitting publish now and putting away the laptop before the flight attendant comes and scolds me since we are about to start our descent.

299 Days to go.

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