#OTR50 Day 65: 300 Yet to Come & a Poem

I know that in a sense it is silly and random, but Day 65 seems meaningful to me. 365 posts seemed daunting, overwhelming, even a bit ridiculous. Now I am at an even 300 to go and I’ve got somewhat of a rhythm going.

I want to take a moment to give a shout out to all the friends who encouraged me to do this crazy project. It came to me as an idea, as many ideas do, in the shower one morning within a week of my 49th birthday. I remember sharing the concept with a few friends and trying to describe what it was I wanted to do. I tried to find the words to describe why I was considering this year long commitment to daily writing.

Every single person I told was positive and encouraging.

Every single person.

This is a rare thing. Can you imagine how motivating it would be if more of our personal ideas and inspirations had that kind of reaction? While I know not all ideas are worthy of an all-in rah-rah friendship reaction.  However, imagine if most of them did.

I was tentative. I was nervous when I began to put the idea of #OTR50 into spoken language. I was terrified from the moment that I had the partially formed concept, that it was a terrible idea. That I’d regret it. That I’d embarrass myself. That nothing would come of it but a bunch of internet gibberish.

Yes, this entire post is just a tossed up jumble of words internet gibberish. It is also something bigger than a collection of words.

Every day, I am exercising the synapses in my brain that collect words into thoughts then into metaphors and meaning. Every day, I am exercising the writing muscles. Everything atrophies without use. I hadn’t written poetry in decades. I don’t love any of the handful I’ve entered into this project, but I’m exercising! I’m building back the muscles and reconnecting the synapses. They are starting to fire with a bit more fluidity than they did 66 days ago.

It is a journey. 65 days in and I am feeling lucky to be able to continue. Proud of myself for trusting in my gut instinct. Pleased to have made this leap of faith. Some days I just dive in, allowing the words to flow and the writing to take over.

More to Come

Some days I am the journey
Some days I am on the path
Some days I rally against the status quo
Some days I question everything
Most days I do what I can to keep up

300 Days to go.

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