#OTR50 Day 41: Comedy

It’s Saturday evening and I’m enjoying lounging with my family and my puppy pressed against me. My meals and snacks today have consisted primarily of comfort food leftovers:

  • Matzoh Ball soup
  • Roast Turkey
  • Charoset
  • Chocolate Macaroons

I have eaten more than my fair share of all the above in the past 24 hours. And, now we are all relaxing between a Friday night with my family and a Sunday morning with my in-laws’ family. I am laughing at the excellent comedic delivery of John Mulaney. Thanks to Netflix and three teenagers who like to replay things they love, I’ve heard these performances many many many times. Yet, I laugh anew every time thanks to his talent.

I am always impressed by people who can write comedy. Especially comedy that a wide swath of personalities and tastes can appreciate.

Some of my friends tell me I’m a humorous person. However, I know they are only humoring me. I’m self-aware enough to know that I am far too often a far-to-serious person. I try to be fun and funny, but I fail far more often then I succeed. It is not a core talent. It is a skill that I must work to nurture.

Which is why an evening spent lounging in my pajamas with the people I love most in the world and listening to comedic genius is absolutely my idea of an excellent way to spend a Saturday evening. Even more so when that Saturday is nestled (jam-packed) between two major family holidays.

Go. Watch. Laugh.

2012: New In Town
2015: The Comeback Kid
2018: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City
2019: Current Tour

Side note, my wife and one of my kids were in the audience for the Radio City show recording. 3/5 of the family also saw him in March as part of his current duo tour with Pete Davidson. The convenient shows keep landing on dates when I’m traveling for work!

324 more days to go!


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