#OTR50 Day 40: Pesach

I’ve 20 minutes left in the day and the laptop is dead. It’s been non-stop all day so I shouldn’t really be surprised by this. I ran a Webex this morning for work. (Yes, I know it’s a “vacation” week but c’est la vie.) Anyhow, since all three of the teens were home for the holiday, I unplugged the laptop and did the call in the quietest spot I could find in our busy small house. . . the bedroom.

Apparently, I never plugged it back in to charge afterwards. I never used it again after the call as there was Passover prep, a doctor appointment for one of the kids, and other errand items.

In the grand scheme that is my short story long method for explaining that this post is being completely created on my phone.

The WordPress app is decent, but I still have not figured out how to easily do some things by phone. For instance, tagging and categorizing the posts eludes me. I’m certain there is a YouTube video I can watch. However, that would require remembering it is what I need or making the time to watch it.

10 minutes left in the Day 40 countdown. I’ll share the “secret” of how I got through today. My prep did not consist of cooking. I drove to three places and picked up pre-ordered food. I brought it home and sliced both the brisket and the turkey. Went to the doctor. Came home. Sliced all the meats cold and laid them out on lined cookie sheets. Wrapped it all up and drove the kids to G&Gs.

I never would have gotten through today otherwise. Lesson to be learned?

Sometime shortcuts (aka cheating) is ok in order to survive adulthood.

Overall, Seder was an enjoyable evening – more on that Tomorrow!

Plus, Easter family gathering on Sunday!

325 more days to go!


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