#OTR50 Day 35: Peace People Progress





First challenge received from my Day 34: Game of Three Words Post comments: Peace, People, Progress.

Remember from my ramblings during yesterday’s post, that this was a game for little kids in the car. As such, idea was kid’s fairytales, silly satire, and outright crazy. Most of the time the goal was to try and get the entire story in quickly. Regardless, the idea was to just jump in and start. These were all “written” verbally from the front passenger seat or while driving.

I’m going to try this one with the Game of Three Words rules in mind. I will choose my words with the listening ear of a 4 -7 year old audience in my mind.  In an early reader format, I will imagine one sentence per page and an illustration in my head. Thanks to @msWeby for the comment on post 34 and her three words.


Peace, People, Progress: A Children’s Story

Once upon a time there was a very rich and special land.

There were farms that grew the most delicious fruit and vegetables.

There were scientists that made machines to help people do their work faster and better.

There were artists who created pictures so beautiful that people would stop just to look.

There were musicians who made everyone feel happy and want to sing along with them.

Children grew up learning and imaging themselves as anything!

With these great resources, progress was made. . .

Every year machines became fancier and able to do more.

Scientists created stronger, faster, and better machines.

Artists learned to paint, draw, sculpt, computer-design amazing things.

Musicians designed new instruments that made exciting sounds.

Children grew up with more of everything than their parents did.

Children enjoyed far more choices and ideas to grow up into then their grandparents.

There was both peace and prosperity.

However. . .

As they grew strong and big, the people of the land became divided.

They became afraid that something would happen to them or that the world would change around them.

They became fearful of losing their place as the wealthiest and strongest of countries.

They began to worry and fret.

Some thought they should protect their delicious food and amazing machines to ensure their children and children’s children could enjoy the same peace and progress?

Some thought they should share their advantages with those in the world who had less and by making others also have more it would be better for all.

Although the land was plentiful and the people smart, they argued.

They yelled.

They said mean things about each other.

The people became divided.

Resources were wasted arguing and pointing fingers.

Progress became difficult.

Peace and prosperity were lost.

If only. . .

The people had learned to be less stubborn.

If only. . .

They were better at hitting their own personal pause buttons.

If only. . .

They could learn to rewind themselves and hear their own voices.

If only. . .

When they listened, they could hear that both sides had reasons.

If only. . .

By pausing and rewinding, they could figure out a way past the meanness and the yelling.

If only. . .

They could keep the allow a third idea that was a tiny piece of both sides and yet neither one – an idea that combined both or was completely new!

If only. . .

They had learned to find an idea in the middle between keeping and sharing.

If only. . .

The people had learned to find something that wasn’t exactly what they wanted, but was what they needed.

If only. . .

The people had learned that there is no peace if everyone is always fighting.

330 Days to go.


One thought on “#OTR50 Day 35: Peace People Progress

  1. Illustrate this and get it published. It is a wonderful childrens book, or is that book for children. Remember for 3 or 4 years I sold them.

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