#OTR50 Day 34: A Game of Three Words

They were usually outrageously silly or crazy short. Only occasionally would they become elaborate. Regardless it was a fun game for all . . . even when the words were ridiculous.

Three words because I have three kids. However, even when we had more or less in the car with us, the game was three words.

I have no idea what any of the stories were. None were worth documenting. They were almost always tall tale style stories. The main characters more often animals than people.

I do wonder if it was created as a way to keep my creative juices alive and simmering. Or, if it was something to just pass the time.

Feel free to leave me three words in the comments. I’ll try and tell you a story in the coming days. There will be absolutely no accounting for quality of storyline – but we’ll see if I can still play the game.

331 Days to go.

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