#OTR50 Day 28: Making a New Habit

I remember reading or hearing somewhere that it takes 28 days to form a new habit.

I’d been looking forward to day 28 with this idea that I would feel some sense of being truly on my way with the #OTR50 project.

In my mind, I equated getting to day 28 similarly to hitting close to the 6K words per day during NaNoWriMo. That idea of being on the road to success. 

Alas, the 28-day concept is apparently the result of pop self-help culture propaganda. There are many articles about why it’s all hype, but I’m partial to this piece from The Guardian because I am a bit of an anglophile in regards to vocabulary choices. The author defines the concept of the 28-day habit as “pure poppycock”. . . and who really wants to argue with that word choice?

Anyhow, I’m 28 days in and although only about 3 of my posts are decent stand-alone pieces, the truth is that the physical and emotional commitment to this project is helping me.

I’m still not certain where the Road to 50 will take me with my writing. However, I am confident again in my capacity to pen my thoughts. 

Writing that novel swirling about in my head is still a dream. However, thanks to these past 28 days, I am beginning to believe that I could churn it out. To begin to turn those characters into people with lives and thoughts that grow with each descriptive sentence.

What does 28 days mean to me? It means 28 days closer. It means having the faith that by day 365, I might be willing to add “writer” to that poem mentioned on Day 2: Self-Identity and Convergence.

387 Days to go.


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