#OTR50 Day 15: Acknowledging a Negative

Yesterday I wrote about something that I handle well. Tonight all my attention has been drawn to one of my personal faults.

I think Murphy was paying attention,

14 days of introspection and perhaps a stronger focus on the positives than the negatives has resulted in me being slammed with a major complication that highlights one of my personal negatives.

My laptop is locked. I’ve done everything I am supposed to do in order to unlock it. I’ve used all my knowledge and called the helpdesk for advice. Bottom line, whatever is wrong will either take much longer by phone than I desire to stay awake, or I can pack up and go in early tomorrow.

This is not my negative item. This is an aggravating unexpected complication that sets back my workload timeline.

My issue with myself is that I juggle too much, I commit to more than is physically doable in the time allotted. Tonight, I was supposed to edit a newsletter, catch up on document review, write a post, read email and a few other things on my laptop.

My fault is my estimation of my own capacity. I need to better account for inevitable complications. They happen all the time.

I can do this with large-scale project planning. I know how to ask the “What If?” questions that help build redundancy, fall-back options, contingency arrangements, etc.

Why can’t I do this with my own life? Why do I over commit myself?

This. This I need to work on. I need to be better about understanding and compensating for my inner incompetencies.

350 Days to go.



PS: This was written on my phone using the app. It’s definitely not an ideal method for posting. Hopefully you’ll excuse any grammar and spelling snafus.

One thought on “#OTR50 Day 15: Acknowledging a Negative

  1. I like to think that our inner incompetences are our need to be superhuman, some of us are missing shut off valves.
    We are frequently testing how much can we do before we collaspe
    Where’s our time turner when we need it.
    Good night

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