#OTR50 Day 12: More on Dogs

Apparently it is #NationalPuppyDay!

Technically, Cagney is an old lady at 14 with some of her formerly very black fur peppered with gray. She is still the sweetest and snuggliest lovebug.

Luna is not yet 2 so she still has some puppy left in her. I call her Luna, Lunatic, Puppers, and Wigglebut. She is the type of dog that is filled with so much love that when she gets excited by people visiting or even just coming home, she shakes her tail so hard that her entire body wags. The tail totally wags the dog.

It’s Friday night after a very long week. I think it’s time for photos, photos, and more photos.

Although I hinted at it in an earlier post. . . I have two phones. Both are full of pictures of dogs.

Sometimes when I am stressed out feeling truly overwhelmed, I open my photos and just scroll through to my dogs. I can feel myself relax faster than meditating. It’s like a dose of pure love emanating from the images.

Alternately, if I feel the need to laugh or smile at something, I jump over to instagram and take a peek at #doodlesoftheword, #doodlesofinstagram, #stafflove, #bluestaffy, etc.

It only takes a few moments to lift my spirits. We all have tools to cope in the world. This is one of mine.

353 days to go



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