#OTR50 Day 173: Road Trip Home

Yesterday I drove the almost 8 hours home from Vermont with only a few short stops. We had planned a break for lunch about half way through. Our initial goal was either Popolo or Flatbread Pizza Company for lunch.

I thought I’d be exhausted and need to stop for a long break. However, a few short stretch-our-legs stops and snacks in the car was all we needed.

Long story short, we made it home around dinner time.

I find these long road trips meditative. My mind wanders and enters a state of contemplation. I also enjoyed the presence of Max. The kid was not particularly talkative, but was a calming companion.

This was one of those drives that had me thinking about my college years. During those years, I made the drive from the Boston area to the the New York area many times. Some of the roads have changed. The vistas altered. The cities have enlarged and the roads widened. Some of the roads and landmarks were recognizable, others looked remarkably different.

Time makes its mark on everything.

192 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner

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