#OTR50 Day 150: A Two Dog Life

2 dogs x2Still stuck in writer’s block. Forcing it is an exercise. Not happy with this at all. I don’t really even want to publish. However, I give myself this break as I’m too tired to start over. Hoping to do better tomorrow.

Two dogs entwined into the life of our family. Two very different dogs.

As all three of my teens are complete uniquely them. My four legged children are individuals with distinctive personalities

Likes and dislikes

I am often pulled into their sweetness, their cuddles, their playful neediness

For most of my life, I’ve been a one-dog person. I always thought that was enough.

Cagney, our 14 year old, was adopted at one. An easy lap dog and an only pup in our home for 11 years.

For most of my life, I’ve been a small-dog person. 25 pounds perhaps the largest that lived in my home. A beagle dachshund mix, a schnauzer, and a cocker spaniel poodle mix have added up to my years.

Enter Luna

Big in all ways. Almost 60 pounds of non stop love. 12 inches of pure muscle tail that slaps all things in it’s path.

An energy level that causes us to have to move to keep up. Larger in size and personality than any dog I’ve lived with before.

The two take over the sofas and are sometimes complete toddlers in their behavior.

Yet, as I lay stretched out on the couch mentally and physically exhausted from life. My pups lay out with me, covering me for the evening in a weighted blanket of love and snuggles

I am filled with an understanding that our hearts have grown with two.

That for us, two means home more than one plus one in so many ways. Now, I can’t imagine the hole that would exist with only one four legged child. I’ve fully embraced the role of two dog Mom.

Photo prompts are by me and for me.

215 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner

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