#OTR50 Day 148: Wind in My Face

We brought Luna to the dog park this evening. Over the past year her behavior at the park has changed a bit. She used to practically ignore us while there, focusing instead on running, romping, and puppy wrestling with the other pups. She recently turned two and I’m definitely beginning to see the transition in her from puppy to adult dog.

She will still run and play a bit with the other dogs. She’s happy to meet and greet. And when we have puppy playdates, she is more than happy to romp one on one.

However, most of our visits these days, she just wants to play catch with a human. She will find the slimiest, oldest, and most disgusting tennis ball available at the park. Many folks, including us, bring balls there to toss and leave them behind.

It always amazes me that she has no desire to play with a nice new ball while at the park. She will quickly abandon the clean and new if she finds one that is old with both mulch and dirt covering it to the point of it being unrecognizable from its former life as a tennis ball.

Nevertheless, she adores the car ride there with the windows down and the wind in her face. Once there, she revels in being free to run the longer distances for fetch inside the big dog park.

Just by being her puppy self, Luna is a constant reminder to enjoy the simple and little things that life gives us.

Windows down with a nice breeze on a summer evening.
Running with abandon in the park.
Meeting up with friends for a simple hello.

These simple acts have an impact larger than themselves.

Photo prompts are by me and for me.

217 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner

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