#OTR50 Day 144: Live Spoken Word Performance

Spoken Word Performance

I conquer my concerns

Starting meek and unsure

Finding my voice . . .

More and more powerful as I build

Cadence, rhythm, volume, and variation

One Two Three Four Five

Two short

Two medium

One long

Flexing my performance muscles

And now I release the breath I forgot I was holding

I begin to think about the next project I should tackle or mountain I should climb

Remembering always that I am the mountain I am moving

Tonight I did what I’ve been talking about for a while now — I performed some of my poetry. It was nerve wracking and it was fulfilling.

Thank you to Kristin for having faith in me always. A shout out to Conrad & Sam (aka 2/4 of The Luka State) for strongly encouraging me earlier this month to just sign up and do it after I read them one of my poems. Having two people whom I’d only just met hear one poem and tell me I should do this truly made a difference in my timeline.

221 Days to go


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