#OTR50 Day 136: Vacation Drinking

More reviewing photos from Ireland . . .

In the land of Irish Whisky and the home of Guinness, I tried a different Hard Cider almost every night. What can I say? I’m not a fan of beer and I like my whiskey mixed with a hot cup of tea and honey or a full serving of ginger ale.

Shots are nasty and beer has never agreed with me.

Although we were in a country known for the harder alcohols, I was surprised by the fact that every place we were served – restaurant or pub – had either a cider on tap or an interesting bottled option.

For straight up on tap, Rockshore was the preferred brand after a few sour attempts. Not surprising in Ireland since Rockshore is a Guinness subsidiary. It was solid, flavorful and kicked off my first Dublin evening.


These were the bottles I carried back to our rental loft (apartment) with take-away (take-out/to-go). I am truly hoping I can convince Pino’s in my hometown to import Kopparber from Germany. It was my favorite.

229 Days to go.

© Randi Sumner

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