#OTR50 Day 118: Random Tracking Thoughts

This post was accidently published as private initially

Carving out time to write is about giving up something. Relaxation time, television, working out, reading, coffee chill time, social media catch-up, sleep, etc.

It’s a choice I’ve been making for the past 117 days. Different every day. I have not been keeping track. It’s a pretty big mixture.

I feel like I should keep track to identify perhaps if there is a best time for the creative process… but that’s another thing I’d be adding and I’m drawing the line there.

I’m not methodical about myself in that way.

On the other hand, I do make deals with myself regularly. Don’t break for a snack until you write that email. Keep working on this paperwork for 20 minutes before breaking to play with the dog. Stay on the elliptical until the end of the episode of whatever TV I’m watching.

Today was, write before breakfast.

That’s it for today — have to go feed myself.


248 Days to go.

2 thoughts on “#OTR50 Day 118: Random Tracking Thoughts

    1. No idea. I somehow accidently publish to private or to draft sometimes. It’s not easy to figure it out on the phone. Much easier on a laptop. The problem is that my view it all looks posted 🙃


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