#OTR50 Day 110: WordPress Blues

So… I’ve been using the WordPress app a great deal for my late night posts for numerous reasons. The primary one being that I’ve been working many late nights and there comes a point where I need to plug my laptop in to charge and physically walk away from work.

When I do that, I pick up the phone, open the app and begin to write for me.

Here’s the thing, about 50% of the time my posts don’t post from the app.

Tonight, I ran through a few tutorials, I watched a few YouTube videos. I seriously can’t figure out why this sometimes happens.

I’m wondering if I’m just too tired to notice I’m doing something wrong?

Perhaps my phone is the home of an jokester spirit? A trickster waiting and laughing at my frustration?

I would like to solve this before my upcoming vacation.

WordPress Blues

I write and I write and I write

Your pages don’t turn but I fill them nonetheless

With words that I hear first in my mind

and then flow onto the page that is not paper

They are by me and for me

But I share them with you on each passing day

I need you to share them with the world

I need to push publish and fulfill this commitment to myself

Why do you torment me so with your pending pending pending

In this world of instant gratification, pending is a special kind of pain

An unfulfilled sentiment

A waiting waiting waiting in a world that is no longer patient

In my wordpress blues I realize that I must relearn patience

I recall that it is only myself that I am struggling with

That the machine is as imperfect as me

255 Days to go.

Note: Image courtesy of Bitmoji — another example of a fantastic yet imperfect app.
© Randi Sumner

One thought on “#OTR50 Day 110: WordPress Blues

  1. Remember when it took forever to get on the internet with AOL
    Now we developed so far that a publish button should work 100% of the time immediately.
    Patience doesn’t work when you are on overload.

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