#OTR50 Day 100: Thoughts on 100 Days

This. This is absolutely a milestone number. At times it has been so easy that I wonder how I ever stopped finding the time to write just for the sake of creative writing. Other posts have been pulled from me slowly and painfully. All in all, I’m going to keep at it and keep going. I suspect if I stop that it will be huge gaps of time before I dedicate time and energy to this part of myself that has benefited from daily nurturing.

Out of my first 100 days . . .


I’ve managed to add 28 poems to the blogosphere. A handful I’d be willing to read out loud at an open mic night, many absolutely mediocre at best, and a several that I’m somewhat embarrassed to have shared. Nevertheless, thanks to this daily dedication to writing the number of poems I have written is 28 more than it was 100 days ago. Checkbox unexpectedly checked. I would have expected far more prose to have filled the first 100, but that has not been the case.

Introspective Writing

According to the tally on the site, I’ve racked up 31 posts on the subject of myself. Not exactly surprising since this was a project designed to help me recapture a bit of myself that I had lost. Technically, this category overlaps a decent number of the poetry posts, but I haven’t done any serious look back yet to figure out the venn diagram. . . and that is certainly not happening tonight! Although, this will make the count 32. ;-D


Some past edits on categories and tags are needed. For instance, I have 9 posts about “dogs” with 11 about “Luna” and another 6 tagged “Cagney” which is basic math that makes zero sense other than to indicate that I should say, “oops!” and fix it at some point soon. A definite facepalm realization in my book.

Also, around Day 80, I realized that I was over-utilizing “writing” and decided I should go back an untag “writing” as a generic tag. I’ve added “writing about writing” and “storytelling” among a few types of writing I will add. However, since almost everything I post is some kind of writing, it seemed silly to keep that one.

Other tags that seem to dominate include, self-identity, travel, introspection, and photography. Most of my tags have 1-3 uses thus far. My average post has 3.5 tags.


This is the one that boggles my mind a bit seeing as I’ve only ever actively “promoted” this project on social media twice. Once the day I launched it, and once on twitter when I dedicated a poem to the friend who inspired my thoughts that day. Yet, I’m getting readers and visitors. Some of my posts have very few viewers and some have more than I would have suspected!

  • 651 Unique Visitors
  • 2,496 Visits
  • 61 Comments (admittedly about 80% are from one subscriber)
  • 51 Followers (about 12 I knew personally before this project started.)

This project is really for me personally. However, I decided to do it publicly because I knew that it would help to keep me going.

It is working. I am working. I am writing and will keep writing.

Perspective is an odd duck. 100 days seemed so far off on Day 1. Emotionally 365 Days seems closer to now then 100 seemed from Day 1. Time and effort is relative.

Thanks for reading!

PS: I’m a little sad that the @WordPress digital photo commons didn’t have a cool “100” graphic.

265 Days to go

Note: the photos are mine, this prompt is only for me.
© Randi Sumner

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