#OTR50 Day 87: Time and Memories

Staring at the white page while nodding off from exhaustion, I am reminded of 30 years prior when I was a in college, writing late into the night. Granted, back then my writing was done with pen and an actual white page.

Draft upon handwritten draft. I’d had a desktop computer in my parent’s house and I did get an old Macintosh box at one point in college. It was useful for papers and long efforts. However, for short writing and notes it was not worth the effort to load it up and get it started. Short writing was done by hand in a spiral notebook.

I actually fell asleep sitting up in the middle of the above paragraph. I can tell because I woke up confused and had to completely rewrite it because it did not make sense.

I did it again. I nodded off. I suppose that’s it. I will leave you with this lovely article about the passage of time and the nature of how some things about our curiosity for things and our desire to cement a memory into fim has not changed over time.

276 Days to go.

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