#OTR50 Day 76: Home

I am thrilled to be heading home! This has been perhaps the longest back to back travel stint in my 12 years with this job.

I write this from the Montreal Trudeau Airport awaiting my flight. I’m worn out from many long days and not a great deal of sleep, but I am also energized at the thought of being with my family.

I am very much looking forward to waking without a rush tomorrow morning and savoring a slow morning. To sitting on the sofa with the love of my life drinking coffee next to me. There will be a snuggling dog in my lap, or perhaps between us, letting me know I am loved. . . ensuring I know that I was missed.

I am grateful to head home one evening earlier than originally planned and therefor get that morning. I enjoy my work and find fulfillment in it, but if I were to win the lottery I would spend more time simply relaxing and enjoying slow mornings in the presence of those I love.

A State of Mind

I have been unknowingly fasting

You are the food for my soul

filling the void with busy busy busy

pushing myself toward mental starvation

I return home

I return to you

To lay next to you

Feeling your soul resting beside me

Feeding that need inside my heart

No words required but

A shared smile and sigh

I return to you

You are home

289 Days to go.

PS: Added the photo of Luna. After at least an hour sitting and drinking coffee as planned, we went out to play this morning.

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