#OTR50 Day 72: Science Fiction or Fictional Science Fact?

Today I made the acquaintance of several robots. Yes, there are times when my day job definitely has its moments. Spending the day chatting with roboticists makes the time fly even when the days are unbearably long and I am daydreaming about soaking my feet and sleeping.

There are stories to be found and revealed within every conversation. This morning I decided to keep some notes for future writing themes. I focused on the subject specialties of the scientists whom I met as described and defined by the researchers themselves. This list might become subject areas for characters in future science fiction stories.

Although, perhaps it would be better to describe some of these proposed stories I am drafting as fictional science fact since the science itself is no longer fictional. . . just a thought to ponder.

In no particular order:

  • Underwater acoustics science
  • Terrain manipulation for planetary rovers
  • Motion algorithms
  • Cable driven parallel robots
  • Swarm behavior robotics research
  • Nano-motor manipulation
  • Aerial imagining
  • Robotic assistive surgical devices
  • Autonomous industrial vehicles
  • Mechatronics
  • Aerospace repair systems
  • Agricultural machine learning systems
  • Autonomous manipulation and grasping
  • Musculoskeletal dynamic systems
  • Assistive device design
  • Robotic optical analysis
  • Haptic materials science
  • Exoskeletal assistance mechanics
  • Neuromechanics and virtual rehabilitation systems

Science is amazing and ever changing. So many story ideas swirling in my head. I hope I can latch onto one and pull it out and onto paper pensieve style. I may not be a Dumbledore, but I sometimes feel as if the ideas are wisps that can just as easily dissipate into the air as they can solidify into three-dimensional tales of wonder. I imagine myself as the conduit. The stories are flowing through me and not created by me. They are miracles turned into fictional memories that reside in a printed form.

The brain machine interface that will allow me to publish my dreams into chronicles for you to read will one day be a reality. One day we will be able to pull our thoughts directly from our mind without the clunkiness of a word processor slowing down the transference from me to you.

From the theoretical to the touchable reality. It is all on its way.

Fictional science fact. Think about it.

#293 Days to go.






One thought on “#OTR50 Day 72: Science Fiction or Fictional Science Fact?

  1. When the day comes when our thoughts can be automatically printed out is very exciting. Also thankful for erase and delete buttons.
    Now I really wish I was with you in Montreal.


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