#OTR50 Day 68: Trying to Stay Positive

The Ups and Downs of Business Travel

Downside: Late night dinners while eating take-out in the room
Upside: Savory egg, spinach, tomato crêpe from a tiny Paris crêperie was AMAZING

Downside: Late night email catch-up is long and arduous
Upside: It is unlikely anyone will text me with anything urgent before noon CET

Downside: Crazy long working hours
Upside: Truly interesting and motivating work

Downside: Sooooooo many people
Upside: Many new connections

Downside: I’m a Metro ride and a several block walk venue to hotel
Upside: I’ve learned the transit system plus am out and about in Paris

Downside: Missing my family
Upside: ……

Alas, I was doing so well.

297 Days to go

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